Hospitals Must Invest in Safe Injection Practices

Posted on May. 23 2014 in Medical Malpractice Cases

In recent months, a number of cases of medical malpractice around the country have been linked to unsafe injection practices. In 2009, there was a hepatitis A outbreak in Nevada that was linked to the inappropriate use of drug vials, which led to widespread contamination and infections. Often, medical personnel may be prompted to use cut corners when they administer injections, and this can place patients at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched the One and Only campaign, which is aimed at increasing awareness among both nurses as well as patients about safe injection practices. According to the CDC, since 1999, more than 125,000 persons have been
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Child Safety Seats and Passenger Safety

Posted on May. 22 2014 in Car Accident Information

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet advises on child passenger safety by giving National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics on the injuries that may occur when a child is not safely belted or seated in a car. Child Safety Seats Not Installed Properly According to the statistics, over 90 % of child safety seats in the United States are installed incorrectly. When used properly, child safety seats are 71 % effective in reducing infant fatalities, 67 % effective in reducing the need for hospitalization, and 54 % effective in reducing fatalities for children ages 1 to 4. Kentucky has a booster seat law.  Senate Bill 120 requires children younger than 7 and between
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