Right of Way Laws in Kentucky

Posted on Jan. 17 2023 in Blog,Car Accident Information

Whether you are operating a vehicle, a bicycle, or walking as a pedestrian, it is crucial to understand the right of way laws in Kentucky. Without properly understanding what to do in a right of way situation, accidents are bound to occur. Here, we want to discuss the right of way laws in Kentucky so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Summary of Kentucky Right of Way Laws The right of way is basically a driver’s permission to proceed or a requirement to wait, depending on the situation. Understanding who has the right of way at various locations, including intersections, helps the flow of traffic and keeps
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What to Do if You See a Drunk Driver

Posted on Jan. 6 2023 in Blog

If you notice a driver on the roadway who seems to be impaired, it is imperative that you do what you can to keep yourself safe first. Here, we want to discuss the steps that you can take if you notice an impaired or suspected impaired driver on the roadway. Make Sure You Are Safe The priority after you see a suspected drunk driver is to make sure that you are safe. In these situations, the only thing you can fully control is your own actions. Defensive driving must be the priority. You should not stay very close to a suspected impaired driver. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a leading cause
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