2016 Medical Malpractice Roundup

Posted on Feb. 9 2017 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Here’s a frightening statistic: More than 250,000 people die each year in the United States because of medical errors. According to a recent analysis by Johns Hopkins University, medical mistakes outrank the official third-leading cause of death — respiratory disease — among Americans. The Centers for Disease Control doesn’t give medical errors their own category on death certificates, although the problem is significant. Research has found that just 1 percent of U.S. doctors are at fault in a third of the medical malpractice claims paid out. In 2016, a number of those claims made news. Here are some of the year’s most noteworthy examples of medical malpractice cases. Settlement Follows
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Stryker Hip Replacement Issues

Posted on Oct. 14 2016 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Severe pain, metal poisoning, lost mobility and noticeable shortening of limbs are among the adverse effects behind a potential hip replacement recall. The LFIT CoCr V40 Head, made by Stryker Orthopaedics, is a hip implant component that replaces a patient’s femoral head that connects with the hip joint socket. The LFIT — or Low Friction Ion Treatment — Anatomic head appears to be defective and may soon be subject to recall. Corrosion, Fracturing Among Problems The  LFIT CoCr V40 Heads work by fitting into the femur, or thigh bone, of a hip replacement patient. During a hip replacement, the taper lock portion of the device is inserted into the patient’s
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