Cephalohematoma: Signs & Symptoms

Posted on Aug. 26 2014 in Medical Malpractice Cases

When a child is born with problems, the first reaction of most parents is, quite understandably, fear. Confusion can reign supreme, with concern over their child’s quality of life eclipsing any and all other matters. However, if your baby has been injured, rather than born with a disability, seeking redress may help your family financially and emotionally. One of the most common birth injuries which can provoke later complications is called a cephalohematoma, or swelling at the top and back of the head. What Is Cephalohematoma? A cephalohematoma is a swelling, usually from a minor internal hemorrhage, between the skull and the membrane covering it. Blood collects there due to
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Meinhart Helps Win $7.4 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict

Posted on Aug. 25 2014 in Case Results & Settlements,Firm News

Chris Meinhart of Meinhart Smith & Manning recently helped win a $7.44 million jury verdict for the family of a young mother who died after doctors failed to diagnose a severe urinary tract condition. Twenty-seven-year-old Jessica Butler was 19 weeks pregnant when she went to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital East, complaining of abdominal pain. Nurses consulted with her ob-gyn and sent her home with medication for a urinary tract infection. She was never examined by a doctor. When Jessica’s condition worsened the next day, she returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with urosepsis – a serious condition in which a urinary tract infection spreads to the blood. During emergency
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