GM Ignition Switch Recall Spawns Lawsuits

Posted on Mar. 24 2015 in Car Accident Information

There’s a truism among engineers: “The more complex the machine, the more likely it is to have unexpected failures.” This is certainly true for the ignition switches on automobiles. These complex little machines contain dozens of parts with tight tolerances and control multiple functions. They aren’t simply on/off electrical switches. The simple act of turning your car key engages the electrical system, several computer modules, the car’s security system, and, critically, the air bags. The opportunity for a design flaw is obvious. The alleged defect As early as 2004, problems were noted with the ignition switches on the Cobalt. In an NPR story, Scott Oldham of Edmunds says he noticed
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Risperdal Lawsuit Awards 2.5 Million to Autistic Man

Posted on Mar. 19 2015 in Dangerous Drug Information

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of the anti-psychotic Risperdal (risperidone) will have to pay 2.5 million to an autistic man in Pennsylvania who grew breasts while taking the drug. The condition, gynecomastia, is a known side effect of the medication, but the company was found negligent in warning both the prescribing doctor and the patient of this potential problem. It’s not the first payout from J&J, nor is it likely to be the last. The now-20-year-old man suffers from autism, and one of the indications for the drug is treating the irritability and “acting out” common with the condition. However, the mechanism of action – altering brain chemistry – also
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