How to treat a dog bite

Posted on Jul. 16 2013 in Personal Injury Cases

What you need to do in the event of a dog bite Dog bites are devastating and if not properly cared for can result in life-long physical scars. When a child or an adult is bitten by a dog not only will they have physical damage but in many cases, they may suffer from long-term psychological problems that may require professional help. However, there are some things you need to do immediately following a dog bite to stem bleeding and potentially minimize potential scarring. Clean the wound immediately – any wounds from a dog bite should be cleaned immediately with warm water and a clean facecloth or other soft cloth.
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When Your Cancer Diagnosis is Delayed Because Your Doctor Didn’t Listen

Posted on Jul. 8 2013 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Taking care of our health is a partnership between ourselves and our doctors. It’s our job to pay attention to our bodies and inform the doctor if anything seems out of order, and also reveal what we know about our habits or family history that may increase our risk of certain conditions, including cancers. It’s the doctor’s job to look into those concerns as necessary based on his or her medical knowledge as well as communication with the patient. When that communication doesn’t happen the results can be both painful and expensive for the patient, and possibly deadly. With cancer especially early diagnosis can make a big difference when it
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