Mature Drivers More Likely to Be Involved in a Serious Accident?

Posted on Jan. 16 2012 in Car Accident Information

As cliched as it may seem, older drivers are statistically more likely to be a victim of motor vehicle accident fatalities. According the the AMA, drivers aged 75 or older are involved in significantly more motor vehicle accidents per mile of driving than their middle aged counterparts. Because elderly drivers are generally more physically fragile than younger drivers, they are more likely to suffer a fatal injury in a motor vehicle accident. Intervention The Kentucky state government has taken accident to mitigate the greater risk of traffic accident fatalities among older drivers by involving the Kentucky Medical Review Board. This state board works to identify drivers who have impairments that
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How to Obtain a Motor Vehicle Accident Report in Kentucky

Posted on Jan. 9 2012 in Car Accident Information

It’s important to take action quickly after you have been in a motor vehicle accident. When you have been in an accident, one of the most critical pieces of information regarding the accident is the official motor vehicle report. Depending on where the accident occurred, you can go to the state police station that responded to the accident in the first place. Getting the help from an experience car accident attorney in Louisville can also help expedite the process of obtaining an accident report. Hiring a Lawyer is Important When You’ve Been a Victim in a Car Accident When you are the victim in a car accident, the insurance company of
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