Is Another Person’s Negligence Negated If I’ve Been Drinking Alcohol?

Posted on Oct. 18 2013 in Personal Injury Cases

This is an interesting question we sometimes receive from injured parties. To clarify: if an individual is drunk or has been drinking alcohol and then is injured due to another person’s negligence, is the negligent party still at fault? From our experience, we know that the legal definition of negligence may be confusing to some people. To clarify matters, negligence is any form of conduct that does not live up to the accepted standards of behavior established by law to protect others against unreasonable risk or harm. The Meaning of Negligence A person can be described as negligent if he or she has deviated from reasonable conduct that is expected
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What is My Kentucky Injury Claim Worth?

Posted on Oct. 16 2013 in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are each unique and there is no easy answer as to how much an individual case is worth. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits and a number of factors go into determining how much you may be able to collect. This is why it is essential to hire a Louisville injury lawyer to help you navigate the legal process. In addition, Kentucky is a comparative negligence state meaning your final claim may be reduced by any portion you are deemed to be responsible for your injuries. Some of the factors that go into determining the ultimate value of your Louisville personal injury claim include:
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Child Birth Complications Due to Dangerous Drugs

Posted on Oct. 15 2013 in Dangerous Drug Information,Medical Malpractice Cases

When you are pregnant everything changes because of the development of your fetus. There may be many possible side-effects both direct and indirect from taking drugs. Some drugs like codeine can be converted into more harmful drugs such as morphine. In other cases, tragic overdoses of drugs may be given by accident. Freak pharmaceutical accidents may also take place and even when righted immediately, they may leave a legacy of chaos. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals May Endanger your Unborn Child Because of the fetal developmental cycle, many drugs can place a fetus at risk. Sodium valproate can result in nervous system defects, Lithium may cause fetal abnormalities, Ace inhibitors can cause
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