What to Know About FDA Recalls of Prescription Drugs

Posted on Apr. 5 2023 in Dangerous Drug Information

Each year, there are thousands of new medications approved for public use. However, there are times when issues are discovered with medications that are currently on the market. Sometimes, the problems discovered with the medication can lead to a recall so that the medications are no longer available for purchase and consumption. Here, a Louisville medical malpractice lawyer discusses the FDA prescription drug recall process. The FDA’s Role in Recalls The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remains firmly in charge of medication approvals in the US. They state that the most effective way to protect individuals from harmful products is to initiate a drug recall. Recalls are voluntary actions
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What is Post-Traumatic Amnesia?

Posted on Apr. 1 2023 in Personal Injury Cases

Anytime an individual sustains a severe traumatic brain injury and experiences any level of coma, there is a good chance they will experience some sort of short-term memory problems. Along with feelings of disorientation, agitation, anger, and impulsiveness, individuals may experience a complete lack of disregard for social convention. All of this is part of the healing process after a significant traumatic brain injury, and it is commonly referred to as post-traumatic amnesia (PTA). What Causes Post-Traumatic Amnesia? Individuals typically sustain post-traumatic amnesia after they have already sustained a traumatic brain injury and been in a coma. When an individual sustains a brain injury and emerges from a coma, there
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