Meinhart Helps Win $7.4 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict

Posted on Aug. 25 2014 in Case Results & Settlements,Firm News

Chris Meinhart of Meinhart Smith & Manning recently helped win a $7.44 million jury verdict for the family of a young mother who died after doctors failed to diagnose a severe urinary tract condition. Twenty-seven-year-old Jessica Butler was 19 weeks pregnant when she went to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital East, complaining of abdominal pain. Nurses consulted with her ob-gyn and sent her home with medication for a urinary tract infection. She was never examined by a doctor. When Jessica’s condition worsened the next day, she returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with urosepsis – a serious condition in which a urinary tract infection spreads to the blood. During emergency
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Loss of Life From a Misplaced PEG Tube

Posted on Jan. 27 2014 in Case Results & Settlements

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is a method of placing a tube into the stomach percutaneously, aided by endoscopy. PEG tube placement is one of the most common endoscopic procedures performed today, and an estimated 100,000-125,000 are performed annually in the United States. Patients who are unable to move food from their mouth to their stomach are the ones who commonly need PEG tube placement. This includes those with neurological disorders such as stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and impaired swallowing. In this case, an elderly individual with difficulty swallowing had a PEG tube placed in a hospital setting.  He was then transferred to a nursing home.  At the nursing home, the PEG
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Settlement for Driver with Hand Injuries Requiring Surgery

Posted on Jan. 23 2014 in Case Results & Settlements

An individual was driving his truck down a rural highway when a truck hauling a camper, moving in the opposite direction, started to fishtail.  The truck’s camper came across the median and in the path of our client.  The client actually drove through the camper! This impact resulted in a significant laceration to his hand that required surgery.  The at-fault party paid their policy limits.  Our client then pursued an underinsured motorist claim.  After discovery, the parties settled for a confidential amount.

Untreated Bedsore Causes Death of Nursing Home Patient

Posted on Jan. 21 2014 in Case Results & Settlements

An elderly patient has been in a nursing home for many months.  A bedsore developed and went untreated.  This eventually led to sepsis and death of the patient. After an extensive amount of litigation, the nursing home settled for a confidential amount. Our Louisville nursing home abuse attorneys helped the elderly victim recover damages.

Motorist Causes Accident With Motorcyclist

Posted on Jan. 21 2014 in Case Results & Settlements

A motorcyclist suffered a femur fracture after a negligent driver turned in front of his path.  The driver testified that he never saw the motorcycle. Through discovery, Meinhart Smith & Manning PLLC found that the at-fault driver had double vision and significant hearing loss.  Shortly after his deposition, the case settled for $205,000.00.

Failure to Timely Diagnose and Monitor Pre-Eclampsia

Posted on Jan. 21 2014 in Case Results & Settlements

A physician failed to timely diagnose and monitor a pregnant patient who was suffering from pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a disorder that is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine of pregnant women.  This condition can lead to a rupturing of the placenta and fetal demise if not properly evaluated. Unfortunately in this case, the failure of the physician to properly recognize the telltale signs of pre-eclampsia led to the loss of the patient’s unborn child.  After a significant amount of litigation, the physician entered into a confidential settlement.

Medical Malpractice Suit After Unnecessary Procedure

Posted on Sep. 25 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A patient alleged medical malpractice as a physician performed an endometrial ablation when a D & C (Dilation and Curettage) was the agreed upon procedure for the patients irregular menstrual bleeding. The ablation, which is a much more serious procedure, took away the patient’s ability to have future pregnancies. The physician has to pay the patient $350,000.00   If you believe you have a medical malpractice claim in Kentucky, reach out to our Louisville medical malpractice attorneys.

Negligent Day Care Causes Child’s Death

Posted on Sep. 25 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

In a tragic case involving a loss of life of a two year old, a daycare negligently fed a whole grape to a child. She choked on the grape and due to the failure to properly manage the emergency, she ended up in the hospital with a brain injury. She passed away some three weeks later. Daycare has has been ordered to pay $650,000.00 due to their involvement in the child’s death.

Administration of Pitocin Leads to Birth Injury

Posted on Sep. 25 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

In this birth injury case, a baby suffered significant brain injuries as a result of a physician failing to appreciate the urgent necessity of a c-section. Failing to monitor the baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and the administering of Pitocin led to the child’s injuries. The $6,000,000.00 settlement will help with the daily care necessary for the child.

Permanent Scarring Caused by Dermatologist Negligent Management of Accutane – Verdict: $2,016,050

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A Jury in Bowling Green, KY (Warren County) returned this verdict for a client that suffered scarring on her face from the failure to manage the drug Accutane by her Dermatologist. After 7 surgical procedures, permanent scarring still covers her face.