How to Deal With a Driver With Road Rage

Posted on Dec. 26 2023 in Car Accident Information,Personal Injury Cases

Kentucky drivers are experiencing a rise in road rage encounters, leading to injury for victims and legal complications for those committing these acts. Encountering a driver with road rage can be frightening or maddening. Take these actions to prevent a Louisville car accident sparked by road rage. The Dangers of Road Rage Road rage consists of a disregard for the safety of others. The terms aggressive driving and road rage are often used interchangeably, but aggressive driving often results in a traffic offense, while road rage is criminal. It is almost reactionary to respond to road rage. However, the best response is no response. Acts of road rage can escalate
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What if a Defective Auto Part Causes an Accident?

Posted on Dec. 12 2023 in Car Accident Information,Personal Injury Cases

Proving a defective auto part caused an accident is challenging but possible. Some avenues allow for compensation if you have suffered a personal injury in Kentucky. A Louisville product liability lawyer can help you find accountability for the damages after an accident results from a defective auto part. What Is Product Liability? Product liability refers to the laws of accountability for manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of defective products. Proving negligence is unnecessary in product liability claims. A manufacturer may be responsible for someone’s injuries if it can be proven a product is defective, a design defect existed, adequate warnings about the safety of a product were not included, or the
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