How to Deal With a Driver With Road Rage

Kentucky drivers are experiencing a rise in road rage encounters, leading to injury for victims and legal complications for those committing these acts. Encountering a driver with road rage can be frightening or maddening. Take these actions to prevent a Louisville car accident sparked by road rage.

The Dangers of Road Rage

Road rage consists of a disregard for the safety of others. The terms aggressive driving and road rage are often used interchangeably, but aggressive driving often results in a traffic offense, while road rage is criminal. It is almost reactionary to respond to road rage.

However, the best response is no response. Acts of road rage can escalate quickly, with angry drivers seeking out behaviors to react to. Follow these defensive driving tips in Kentucky to minimize interactions with a driver experiencing road rage.

Avoid Eye Contact

An angry driver is intent on getting the attention of the driver they are targeting. Making eye contact acknowledges the angry driver whose goal is intimidation. Refusing to react will often be enough to stop the encounter, encouraging the hostile driver to move on.

Allow Them to Pass

The need to get somewhere fast can be the catalyst that sets off an incident of road rage. If you notice someone driving aggressively behind you, pull over into another lane when possible and allow them to proceed. Continue to maintain a slower pace to allow the distance between you and the outraged driver to grow, or take a moment for a driving break to allow emotions to settle when it is safe.

Avoid Going to Frequented Destinations

While you may think the incident will pass after a few minutes, a driver with road rage is often having another experience. Drivers who engage in acts of road rage identify as high-anger drivers, experiencing many of these emotions and behaviors.

  • Psychological factors are present, such as displaced anger and illogical attributions. A high rate of drug and alcohol abuse is often present.
  • They possess an aggressive mentality, often lashing out when other driver’s actions are perceived as unacceptable.
  • High-angered drivers engage in riskier behavior, including driving over the speed limit, changing lanes rapidly, or tailgating.

While most drivers calm down after a few moments of intense driving, drivers who experience road rage may only increase their negative emotions, so any response is fuel on a fire waiting to ignite. Hours or days later, an angered driver may return to your work, home, or favorite hangout to act out on their rage, so go to another location.

Contact Law Enforcement

It is best to have someone in the car with you to contact law enforcement. If you are traveling alone, safely call and be prepared to provide identifying information, such as a description of the vehicle and its occupants and a tag number. Pull over if you see law enforcement on the side of the road or pass a law enforcement station.

Protect Against Road Rage in Louisville

When road rage leads to injury, get the support of trusted Louisville personal injury attorneys Meinhart, Smith, & Manning, PLLC. We are dedicated to helping drivers whose lives have been affected by road rage in Kentucky. We offer free consultations to understand how we can support you better.