Off-label Use of Bone Graft Substitutes

Posted on Jan. 30 2015 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical products which are manufactured and sold for one application can be used by physicians for other purposes. This “off-label” use is perfectly legal. It relies on the medical judgment of the responsible physician for safety. But there’s a possible danger as well – because the product hasn’t been tested for that specific use, a physician may not be aware of the dangers. This is why the FDA issues warnings to the medical community when it finds out about misuse. The current Food and Drug Administration warning concerns an off-label use for bone graft substitutes. We usually think of bone as a desiccated, rock-like material, more like porcelain than a
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What is a Demand Letter?

Posted on Jan. 20 2015 in Car Accident Information

It is scary how quickly lives can be changed forever by a Louisville auto accident.  Someone who dies in an auto crash may have family likely able make a wrongful death claim against the insurance companies for the fault of responsible parties. Defendants in a car accident may try to defend by saying that the person who died assumed some risk or contributed to the injuries. Resolving a car accident claim may take several months and sometimes years.  A claim usually begins with a demand letter to the responsible parties’ insurance companies or the responsible parties themselves.  Usually a demand letter cannot be written until all the damages such as
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