A Look at Louisville’s Latest (and Surprising) Traffic Crash Stats

Posted on Jul. 20 2015 in Car Accident Information

When it comes to auto accidents, good news rarely arrives without bad news tailing behind. Indeed, Louisville’s latest crash statistics are a mixed bag, with a few uplifting strides overshadowed by an overall increase in accidents and injuries. Car crashes remain a leading cause of serious injury and death in our state, so we see our fair share of heartbreaking headlines. Especially frustrating is the fact that so many of these accidents are entirely preventable. Driver negligence is responsible for more accidents in Kentucky than any other contributing factor. Stated differently, the overwhelming majority of car crashes would not happen if drivers behaved more responsibly. That’s a tragedy. How do we
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Understanding PIP Insurance in KY

Posted on Jul. 14 2015 in Car Accident Information

Kentucky motorist are required to maintain specific levels of automobile insurance. Many drivers are confused about the “no fault’ or PIP insurance policies followed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We will attempt to clear up some of the confusion here in regards to car accident injury claims with PIP insurance. If you’re looking for information on auto insurance laws and requirements, as well as information on how to submit a car accident injury claim in Kentucky, visit our Louisville car accident attorney page. What is PIP Insurance in Louisville? Personal injury protection or “no fault” insurance means if you are involved in a car accident regardless of fault your claim
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