Largest Product Liability Recalls of 2016

Posted on Feb. 10 2017 in Dangerous Drug Information

Manufacturers often issue voluntary recalls of products after becoming aware of problems that can compromise safety. In some cases, the government initiates recalls to protect consumers. Consumers who are hurt by unsafe products can take legal action against companies throughout the supply chain — including retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Whether the problem is faulty design, poor manufacture or inadequate instructions, consumers can sue companies for personal injuries, as well as financial losses caused by defective products. Here are some of the major Kentucky Product Recalls of 2016. Fire Hazards, Lead, Choking Among Toy Dangers In June, Auldey Toys’ Sky Rovers were recalled for the potential of their charging cords to
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Posted on Mar. 11 2016 in Dangerous Drug Information

What is Abilify” Abilify Abilify is a prescription medication manufactured by Bristol- Meyers Squibb that has helped many people who struggle with various medical conditions including Tourette’s Syndrome, Autism, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bi-Polar disorder. It works by adjusting the levels of both serotonin and dopamine, and can relieve irritability and nervousness. Abilify’s own information page lists many potential side effects including increased risk of stroke, increased blood sugar, weight gain and more. One thing is doesn’t list is the potential for the drug to prompt impulsive behavior, most commonly compulsive gambling. Gambling is of special concern because it can have a serious financial impact on a person, and put a strain on their entire
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Viagra Risks

Posted on Feb. 16 2016 in Dangerous Drug Information

Men who use the erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil, commercially known as Viagra, have a significantly higher chance of developing deadly skin cancer than men who don’t use the drug, according to a recent study. The study, published in 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine, found an 84-percent greater chance of developing melanoma over a 10-year period among men who take Viagra. The connection between the drug and melanoma warrants further investigation of the issue, experts note. In the meantime, men who use Viagra should exercise caution when spending time outdoors. Men who have developed melanoma should ensure that they fully understand the latest research and get the best possible treatment. What
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Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits Related to the Use of Talcum Powder

Posted on Jun. 15 2015 in Dangerous Drug Information

Update: Johnson and Johnson recently paid out $72 million for cancer death linked to talcum powder.  If you are one of the 20,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, you may be wondering, “did I do something wrong?” The answer to this question could be yes, specifically if you are a regular user of talcum powder for feminine hygiene. Talc, in it’s purest form, has been the target of lawsuits filed against Johnson and Johnson, manufacturer’s of baby powder and Shower to Shower. Most of the lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson relating to talcum powder ovarian cancer have been based in New Jersey, the state of the company’s headquarters. The
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Risperdal Lawsuit Awards 2.5 Million to Autistic Man

Posted on Mar. 19 2015 in Dangerous Drug Information

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of the anti-psychotic Risperdal (risperidone) will have to pay 2.5 million to an autistic man in Pennsylvania who grew breasts while taking the drug. The condition, gynecomastia, is a known side effect of the medication, but the company was found negligent in warning both the prescribing doctor and the patient of this potential problem. It’s not the first payout from J&J, nor is it likely to be the last. The now-20-year-old man suffers from autism, and one of the indications for the drug is treating the irritability and “acting out” common with the condition. However, the mechanism of action – altering brain chemistry – also
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Largest Pharmaceutical Recalls

Posted on Feb. 18 2015 in Dangerous Drug Information

Even though pharmaceutical drugs undergo rigorous testing and are closely regulated by the government, harmful pharmaceuticals still occasionally reach the market. At times, this may be because serious side effects that never surfaced when the drugs were given to test subjects began to affect a large number of patients once the drugs were placed into widespread use. This could be because the drugs weren’t tested in combination with other drugs commonly taken by patients with similar health issues or because the demographics of the test group weren’t broad enough. In other cases, the drugs were medically sound as designed but were made dangerous by flaws in the manufacturing process. Once these problems
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Recall of ISIS™ HVT™ Tracheal Tube Announced by Teleflex Medical

Posted on Feb. 19 2014 in Dangerous Drug Information,Personal Injury Cases

The Teleflex ISIS HVT Tracheal Tube Cuffed with Subglottic Secretion Suction Port was the first convertible endotracheal tube put on the market. Its design met the needs of both patients who required long-term and short-term ventilation. Unfortunately, issues have been brought to the attention of Teleflex about their product, which led to them to voluntarily recall the product. What can go wrong with the ISIS HVT tube? There were many complaints about the tracheal tube regarding its propensity to kink during use. If a kink occurs during the process of using the tube, it can cause a patient to have inadequate ventilation, which can lead to serious injuries such as
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OxyElite Pro Diet Pills Recall: What You Need to Know

Posted on Nov. 14 2013 in Dangerous Drug Information

On November 10, 2013, USPlabs LLC announced the recall of some OxyElite Pro diet pill products. The Dallas-based company took action to recall the products in question after the Food and Drug Administration informed them that the products had been shown to be a possible cause of liver illness, and could possibly be adulterated. USPlabs LLC elected to institute a voluntary recall on certain products from the OxyElite Pro Super Thermo capsules, OxyElite Pro Ultra-Intense Thermo capsules, and OxyElite Pro Super Thermo Powder lines after they were informed that the FDA could legally take action to force them to stop distributing the offending products if they did not take action
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Child Birth Complications Due to Dangerous Drugs

Posted on Oct. 15 2013 in Dangerous Drug Information,Medical Malpractice Cases

When you are pregnant everything changes because of the development of your fetus. There may be many possible side-effects both direct and indirect from taking drugs. Some drugs like codeine can be converted into more harmful drugs such as morphine. In other cases, tragic overdoses of drugs may be given by accident. Freak pharmaceutical accidents may also take place and even when righted immediately, they may leave a legacy of chaos. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals May Endanger your Unborn Child Because of the fetal developmental cycle, many drugs can place a fetus at risk. Sodium valproate can result in nervous system defects, Lithium may cause fetal abnormalities, Ace inhibitors can cause
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