Will COVID-19 Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

Posted on May. 20 2020 in Blog,Personal Injury Cases

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the way of life for most people in the United States. From dealing with an unprecedented global health crisis to navigating stay at home orders and dramatic effects on the economy, residents of Kentucky have adjusted to a new normal. Personal injury claims have also been affected by COVID-19. With all non-emergency court proceedings in the state postponed, we need to discuss how personal injury cases will be affected moving forward. How will COVID-19 affect ongoing personal injury trials? Most people may not be aware the Kentucky state courts closed in March and have been under orders to remain closed through the end of
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Kentucky Car Accident Laws

Posted on May. 20 2020 in Blog,Car Accident Information

While nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, the reality is that these incidents are going to occur. According to the Kentucky Department of Transportation, there were more than 134 total traffic collisions reported during the latest year of data available. Out of these incidents, there were 724 fatalities and nearly 34,000 people injured. It is important for anyone who regularly drives in the state of Kentucky to understand the laws pertaining to car accidents. If you are unsure about your situation following an accident in Kentucky, reach out to our Louisville car accident attorneys for a free case consultation. How long do I have to file an
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