Texting and Driving Statistics in KY

Posted on Jun. 16 2015 in Car Accident Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in 2013, 10 percent of all fatal crashes, 18 percent of injury crashes, and 16 percent of all motor vehicle crashes were distraction-affected crashes. That said, vehicle crashes that involve distracted drivers are on the decline. In 2013, there were 3,154 fatalities caused by distracted drivers. This is a decrease of nearly 7 percent when compared to the fatalities recorded in 2012. However, there was a slight increase (0.7 percent) in the number of people injured due to distracted drivers. In 2015, the state of Kentucky experienced more than 53,500 crashes, which resulted in 169 fatalities and in excess of 14,000 injuries. All
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Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits Related to the Use of Talcum Powder

Posted on Jun. 15 2015 in Dangerous Drug Information

Update: Johnson and Johnson recently paid out $72 million for cancer death linked to talcum powder.  If you are one of the 20,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, you may be wondering, “did I do something wrong?” The answer to this question could be yes, specifically if you are a regular user of talcum powder for feminine hygiene. Talc, in it’s purest form, has been the target of lawsuits filed against Johnson and Johnson, manufacturer’s of baby powder and Shower to Shower. Most of the lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson relating to talcum powder ovarian cancer have been based in New Jersey, the state of the company’s headquarters. The
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