Restitution After an Auto Accident Case

Posted on Dec. 31 2013 in Car Accident Information

An auto accident can be overwhelming, especially if you or your loved ones were injured as a result of the accident. There are many things that need to be handled in the aftermath. A police report must be filed, your insurance company must be contacted and you must find another vehicle to drive, either on a short-term basis while your car is being repaired, or on a permanent basis if your original vehicle is totaled. You also must seek medical care after the accident, and file claims with your medical insurance company. Not to mention your daily commitments, such as home, family and your job. Types of Restitution In addition
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Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Posted on Dec. 18 2013 in Car Accident Information

Accidents are an unfortunate problem that continues to cause a variety of injuries and fatalities each year. The United States Census Bureau reports that nearly 11 million accidents occur on average each year, though the exact figure differs each year. When you are in an accident with an emergency vehicle, the situation may seem complicated by the fact that the vehicle is designed for emergencies. Depending on the situation, you may want to work with an accident attorney to determine what action is possible and if you can take your case to court. Evaluate the Situation Before you take any action, consider the situation and the cause of the accident.
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