Questions to Ask your Louisville Injury or Accident Lawyer

Hiring an injury or accident attorney can seem complicated. That is why it is important to ask certain questions about your lawyer and the firm before you move forward with your accident or injury case. The right questions can help you determine if an attorney is right for your goals and concerns.

How Do You Charge?

Before you take any steps to hire an attorney, find out how you are expected to pay the fees. Although many lawyers may use a contingency agreement, each attorney is different and may have a different policy. In most cases, you will not pay any fees until after you win your case and receive compensation.

How Much do you Charge?

The second question relating to the payment is how much you will pay. If your lawyer uses a contingency agreement, then the price is usually a percentage of the amount that you win. Some lawyers may be willing to negotiate, but the amount of negotiation may vary based on your case and the situation.

Am I Responsible to Pay for Advanced Case Costs?

Always find out if you are expected to pay for any fees or expenses before agreeing to work with the lawyer. Advanced case costs can add up quickly and may not be easily affordable. Ideally, you want to work with a lawyer who will only charge you after winning your case.

How Much Experience do you have?

Experience is an important concern. You want to hire a lawyer who has worked on cases that are similar to your case in the past. Ask about overall experience as well as experience in cases that are the same as yours.

Will You be Handling the Case?

Never assume that the first lawyer you talk to is the one who will handle your case. Find out by asking. Some lawyers may pass your case off to another attorney in the firm. Always be clear about who is handling your case and find out about their experience.

Will the Case go to Trial?

Although several factors are involved in the process of determining if a case will go to trial, an experienced Louisville attorney can make an educated guess based on the case details that you provide. You may be asked a few questions before you receive an answer.

Never make assumptions when you are hiring an accident lawyer. Take the time to ask questions and then make a decision about who you plan to hire. By asking questions, you can identify the most appropriate attorney for your case.