Louisville 2019 Most Dangerous Intersections

Posted on May. 10 2016 in Car Accident Information

<a href=’#’><img alt=’Dashboard 1 ‘ src=’https:&#47;&#47;;static&#47;images&#47;Je&#47;JeffersonCountyAccidentMapAutoSize&#47;Dashboard1&#47;1_rss.png’ style=’border: none’ /></a> Disclaimer: Map above includes 2014-2015 data As a long standing car accident attorney team in Louisville, we see countless accident cases that result in colossal medical bills and personal expenses for victims resulting from one form of negligence or another. Sometimes, the causes of roadway accidents are due to poor street light or road maintenance by the city. Other times, it can be because of a poor intersection design that leads to an increased likelihood of accidents. Here, we’ll examine Louisville most dangerous roadways and intersections in 2018. Louisville’s Most Dangerous Intersections and Roadways Kentucky’s roadways are headed down a dangerous
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