Restitution After an Auto Accident Case

An auto accident can be overwhelming, especially if you or your loved ones were injured as a result of the accident. There are many things that need to be handled in the aftermath. A police report must be filed, your insurance company must be contacted and you must find another vehicle to drive, either on a short-term basis while your car is being repaired, or on a permanent basis if your original vehicle is totaled. You also must seek medical care after the accident, and file claims with your medical insurance company. Not to mention your daily commitments, such as home, family and your job.

Types of Restitution

In addition to all of the above, there is a legal aspect that must be dealt with. The State of Kentucky allows for several types of restitution for individuals who have been injured in an automobile accident. Depending upon the location of the accident, the nature of the accident and the parties involved, you may be entitled to more in the way of restitution than you think. Types of restitution that you may be entitled to include payment for your vehicle and possessions that were damaged or destroyed, payment for your medical bills and related expenses and compensation for time that you missed from work due to the accident. You may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. The at-fault party is responsible for paying this restitution, whether from their own pocket or from their insurer.

The body of law that governs auto accident claims and related issues in the State of Kentucky is vast and can be confusing to those who do not have a legal background. It is important to obtain the services of a competent attorney that can help you navigate these waters and levy a successful claim against the party that was at fault for the accident. An attorney can explain your options, help you choose which steps to take, and then guide you through the process, whether you decide to settle out of court or proceed with your case through the court system.

If you have been injured in an auto accident in the Greater Louisville area, Meinhart, Smith and Manning, PLLC can help. When you call our offices, we will schedule you for an initial consultation where we will discuss the details of your case. We will then research the law and help you decide how to proceed with your case. You can then move on with your life with less stress over your auto accident and focus on healing.