Louisville Emergency Vehicle Accidents


Accidents are an unfortunate problem that continues to cause a variety of injuries and fatalities each year. The United States Census Bureau reports that nearly 11 million accidents occur on average each year, though the exact figure differs each year. When you are in an accident with an emergency vehicle, the situation may seem complicated by the fact that the vehicle is designed for emergencies. Depending on the situation, you may want to work with an Louisville car accident attorney to determine what action is possible and if you can take your case to court.

Evaluate the Situation

Before you take any action, consider the situation and the cause of the accident. Factors that you may want to consider include:

  • Whether the lights and sirens were running
  • Where the accident occurred
  • If you could reasonably avoid the accident
  • Whether the emergency personnel was negligent

If the lights and sirens were on, then you may not have many options available. If the accident occurred when the vehicle was not currently moving toward an emergency situation, then you may have more solutions that are available.

The other factor related to the accident is whether you could reasonably move out of the way. Even if the sirens are running, you may not be able to pull to the side due to traffic conditions. In this situation, the driver of the emergency vehicle may still be liable as long as you stopped the vehicle or tried to yield.

Make a Police Report

Even if the accident involved a police officer, you still want to make an official report. That will help determine liability and provide statements from witnesses, the officer involved and any passengers in your vehicle.

Gather Documentation

If you were injured in the accident, then obtain a copy of your medical documents and the estimated cost of any emergency medical services that you received. It will help if your case goes to court and you need to prove that you were injured.

Talk to a Lawyer

Talking to an accident lawyer is just as essential as making a police report and evaluating the situation. A Louisville personal injury lawyer will ask important questions regarding the circumstances of the accident so that it is possible to determine if the emergency vehicle operator was responsible for the accident.

It is possible to take a hospital, police force or other emergency department to court if you are injured in an accident with an emergency vehicle. The situation and the details involved in the accident will determine if you have a case. Contact us today to determine if you can take any legal action.