Recall of ISIS™ HVT™ Tracheal Tube Announced by Teleflex Medical

The Teleflex ISIS HVT Tracheal Tube Cuffed with Subglottic Secretion Suction Port was the first convertible endotracheal tube put on the market. Its design met the needs of both patients who required long-term and short-term ventilation. Unfortunately, issues have been brought to the attention of Teleflex about their product, which led to them to voluntarily recall the product.

What can go wrong with the ISIS HVT tube?

There were many complaints about the tracheal tube regarding its propensity to kink during use. If a kink occurs during the process of using the tube, it can cause a patient to have inadequate ventilation, which can lead to serious injuries such as anoxia and hypoxic injury.

What kind of recall was issued?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the recall was a Class I recall, which means that there was a reasonable probability that the use of the product would cause adverse health consequences or even death. Teleflex took the initiative to issue their recall via a letter to their US customers on January,6th, 2014. Customers who already have the product should discontinue its use and return unused product to Teleflex Medical.

Why should individuals be concerned about the recall?

Most individuals will not have dealings with a medical device such as listed above. However, when an individual does have a need for such a product, usually in an emergency situation, they expect the products being used on them to save their lives, not compound their problem. Therefore, it is important medical products are safe to use.

What is product liability and how does it relate to product malfunctions?

When a product has malfunctioned and resulted in an injury, a product liability suit can be issued. This will give the injured party or their family the resources necessary to get the medical help they need and will even compensate for missed wages in many cases. Aside from benefiting the victim, bringing a product’s problems to the forefront can prevent other people from becoming victims of the same issue.

If you or someone you love have become injured as a result of a product malfunction, you could be entitled to compensation. To find out if you qualify, contact an experienced Louisville product liability lawyer.