Child Birth Complications Due to Dangerous Drugs

Child Birth ComplicationsWhen you are pregnant everything changes because of the development of your fetus. There may be many possible side-effects both direct and indirect from taking drugs. Some drugs like codeine can be converted into more harmful drugs such as morphine. In other cases, tragic overdoses of drugs may be given by accident. Freak pharmaceutical accidents may also take place and even when righted immediately, they may leave a legacy of chaos.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals May Endanger your Unborn Child

Because of the fetal developmental cycle, many drugs can place a fetus at risk. Sodium valproate can result in nervous system defects, Lithium may cause fetal abnormalities, Ace inhibitors can cause birth defects and death, and Anti convulsants such as Carbamazepine can result in multiple birth defects.

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, drugs capable of crossing through the placenta can have dire effects on the fetus. In cases where a mother is given morphine during labor, the fetus may asphyxiate. Anti-coagulants can lead to terminal bleeding in new born infants. Diminished intellectual capacity in the newborn may result from radioactive iodine therapy.

These are just some examples of pregnancy related medication catastrophes that may occur when physicians fail to take necessary precautions when prescribing drugs.

Examples of Pharmaceutical and other Medication Disasters

When you are pregnant or have given birth and have experienced complication due to prescription medication, it may be wise to contact an attorney. The following are some examples of situations where the health care system went dangerously awry.

At Sheffield Children’s Hospital in England, a two month old baby girl died of breathing difficulties because the hospital had given her an erroneous dosage of morphine that was ten times the safe amount. The mother was a high codeine metabolizer and a high degree of morphine was found in the infant’s blood post mortem.

Pfizer recalled birth control pills with expiration dates between July 31, 2013 and March 31, 2014 due to packaging errors. 1 million birth control pills were recalled after the company became aware that some of the placebo pills were intermixed with the daily active pill cycle. Pfizer recommended that those taking Lo/Ovral-38 back up their birth control use with non-hormonal contraceptives. A previous recall in 2011 covered 8 different birth control brands and totaled 1.4 million packages.

Shortly following a Qualitest recall, Lauren Betancourt, of Acworth, Ga., brought suit against the company when she became pregnant, even though she was taking birth control on a regular basis.

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