Finding the Proper Care Following an Auto Accident

Posted on Jun. 26 2013 in Car Accident Information

Auto accidents happen every day. We see the results on the news and we move on, not thinking twice. But when you or a family member are involved in an auto accident in Louisville, everything changes. Suddenly, the details matter, the cause becomes important. Most of all, the injuries can become life-changing. Medical bills can pile up, pain can become constant and regular activities (like holding down a regular job) can become painstakingly difficult. The police may help you file an initial report, and, when necessary, doctors and emergency personnel can help you become well enough to go home…but once you’re there, what’s next? Where do you turn for assistance?
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Permanent Scarring Caused by Dermatologist Negligent Management of Accutane – Verdict: $2,016,050

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A Jury in Bowling Green, KY (Warren County) returned this verdict for a client that suffered scarring on her face from the failure to manage the drug Accutane by her Dermatologist. After 7 surgical procedures, permanent scarring still covers her face.

Anesthesiologist’s Error Caused Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death – Settlement: $1,100,000

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

This settlement arose from an anesthesiologist’s failure to properly intubate a man who had come in for a routine hernia procedure. The mistake by the doctor led to the man’s death.

Wrongful Death Caused by Car Accidents – Settlement: $770,000

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

This case involved the tragic loss of a teenager’s life when a vehicle crossed the center line and made impact with the car he was driving. The individual at fault’s insurance company paid the entirety of their policy limits.

Settlement: Trucking Accident Leaving Victim Brain Damaged – $750,000

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A tractor-trailer was the cause of this accident that left our client with a brain injury and several orthopedic injuries. After a thorough investigation and the utilization of an accident reconstructionist, our firm was able to settle the case.

Verdict: Delayed Diagnosis of Pituitary Tumor – $1,000,000

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A doctor’s failure to timely discover a pituitary tumor in our client led to blindness, loss of smell and physical deformities after several surgeries.

Settlement: Surgical Sponge – Left behind. – $150,000

Posted on Mar. 4 2013 in Case Results & Settlements

A surgical sponge was left behind in this patient during her surgical procedure.

Failure to Diagnose or a Misdiagnosis of Cancer: The Basics

Posted on Feb. 15 2013 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Currently cancer afflicts a massive segment of the American population. The American Cancer Society Correct treatment is crucial to lowering these numbers and ensuring that you aren’t one of the unlucky ones who succumb to this debilitating disease. Cancer is tricky,and once it metastasizes (spreads from its original point of origin), it can be much harder to treat. As most of us know, when and how the cancer is diagnosed plays heavily into chances of survival, and discovering that you have suffered from a misdiagnosis can be devastating. Most Common Cancer Misdiagnosis Unfortunately, misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose can occur in almost every cancer case, among them: breast cancer lung
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Michigan Model Provides Lessons on Avoiding Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Posted on Jan. 22 2013 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Hospitals in Kentucky can take a few lessons on avoiding medical errors and lawsuits arising as a result of these errors from the University of Michigan Health System. According to an analysis of the performance of the University of Michigan Health System, it has done an excellent job of responding to medical errors,reducing the risk of medical errors in the future, and dealing with patient injuries that result as a consequence of those errors. The Michigan Model is based on an approach of “disclose, apologize and offer”, and can improve access to compensation, enhance patient safety and promote transparency.  So successful has the system been that the “Michigan Model “is being
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Longer Work Shifts Linked to Nurse Burnout, Stress

Posted on Nov. 29 2012 in Medical Malpractice Cases

Many hospitals have been slowly phasing in the 3-day-workweek for nurses with extended work shifts.  The three-day workweek allows for longer weekends,and is believed to contribute to a better work-life balance.  Unfortunately, the longer shifts also seem to be linked to higher levels of stress. According to a new study of nurses that was been published recently in the journal Health Affairs, when nurses work long,extended shifts of 13 or more hours, they are at risk for increased levels of nurse burnout and decreased job satisfaction. Nurses who work long hours of 10 or more hours were found to be approximately 2 ½ times more likely to suffer burnout and stress,
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