Car Accidents Caused by Rain or Snow

louisville-accidentDuring the winter months in Kentucky, heavy rain and snowfall can complicate the process of driving. Road conditions may be poor and visibility may be limited during inclement weather. Even though the weather may contribute to the rate of accidents that occur, you are still expected to take precautions to prevent accidents. A driver may still be considered negligent, even if the primary reason for the accident is related to the weather.

Road Conditions

A key factor that may change during the winter months is the way that tires move over the roads. Even if it is not snowing, the road may freeze and small amounts of water from previous rainfall can turn into black ice.

Icy road conditions or heavy rain that results in hydroplaning during a drive can increase the risk of accidents. The tires may not get enough traction or the vehicle may freeze.

When the road conditions are poor, it is usually best to slow down and drive below the listed speed limit. If you take precautions and slow down, then the police may determine that you were not negligent and you are not at fault for the accident.

Poor Visibility

Icy road conditions are not the only risk that arises during the winter months. Poor visibility is another concern that may arise when the roads are icy or when the weather turns. Heavy rain or heavy snow can make it hard to see other cars that are on the road.

When visibility is poor, it is important to drive slowly and turn on the appropriate lights. Headlights help other cars that are coming from the opposite direction determine that there are other vehicles on the road. Driving slowly and keeping a larger distance between cars may also help.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If an accident occurs as a result of poor visibility, poor road conditions or other problems that are directly related to the weather, then the situation may not suggest that a particular driver is negligent. The police may determine that the driver who crashed into another vehicle is not at fault because of the situation.

Negligence is only applied to the situation if the police determine that a particular driver was taking undue risks. For example, if you continue to drive at the posted speed limit when the roads are icy may be considered negligent because drivers are expected to slow down during poor weather conditions.

When another driver hits your vehicle and you are injured, it does not mean that you do not have any options. In most cases, the driver will be found negligent, regardless of the road conditions. You can still seek compensation if your vehicle is damaged or you are injured in an accident.

The winter weather in Kentucky can complicate the situation when you are involved in an accident because you may not be able to determine who caused the accident. Even though it may be difficult to prove that a driver was negligent, you may still be entitled to compensation if your vehicle is hit by another car.