Louisville’s Most Dangerous Areas Infographic: Cars, Cyclist, and Pedestrians

In 2013-2014, 16 pedestrians and 1 cyclist were fatally injured by a car, according to the Kentucky State Police. An additional 50 drivers were killed during a car accident. 334 pedestrians were injured in accidents involving automobiles, as were 130 cyclists and 3,800 motorists. A safer Louisville impacts all residents and makes the city a more attractive place for tourists, visitors, and residents. Having an experienced Louisville car accident attorney on your side can also ensure a car accident victim and/or their families receive their fair compensation for damages, pain and suffering.

While accidents happen for many reasons, there were some disturbing commonalities in these fatal accidents. Driver inattention and alcohol abuse were leading causes of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. For motorist accidents, drug abuse and cell phone use contributed to a lot of dangerous accidents. In these cases, the driver was clearly at fault and should be held liable for damages, medical expenses and liability to the full extent of the law.

For cyclists, the West Broadway corridor South 2nd Street were particularly dangerous. Cyclists in these areas should pay particular attention to vehicles in an effort to stay safe. East Broadway and the MLK Parkway were leading sites of pedestrian accidents, with many accidents spread throughout the city. Hot spots for motorists included Shawnee Expressway, E. Main St., and Southern Parkway.