Louisville Bicyclists: Where Are You Most in Danger?

The 2013 bicycle collision statistics are now available, and we have compiled a detailed infographic to help you take them in. Despite some improvements, bicycling remains fairly dangerous on busy Louisville streets. About 130 of last year’s bike crashes involved bodily harm. Compared to 2012, the city reported eight less injuries and three fewer deaths. One bicyclist was killed in a collision during 2013.

Many different factors contributed to these bike accidents. Poor visibility remains a common problem in bike crashes; roughly six out of 10 collisions happened at night. About 20 incidents occurred when someone failed to yield the right-of-way. Meanwhile, inattentive driving caused approximately 33 crashes. Rain or ice played a role in 12 percent of the injuries, and a single crash was attributed to alcohol.

As in any city, some Louisville roads and neighborhoods prove more dangerous than others. Numerous bicycle collisions happened on West Broadway, Dixie Highway and nearby streets. During 2013, the largest concentration of crashes transpired near the city center. Other crashes were scattered throughout the city; somewhat more collisions occurred in the South Louisville area.

If you are a frequent bike rider in Louisville, or anywhere in Kentucky, it is important to know your rights if you are involved in an crashes. It can be the difference between having to cover your own medical bills, and getting compensation from the responsible party.