Moped Laws in Kentucky

Mopeds offer many individuals an affordable way to get around. However, it is imperative for individuals in Kentucky to understand the laws that apply to operating a moped. Here, we want to discuss the most pertinent moped laws that you need to be aware of in order to remain legal and safe on the roadway.

Moped Licenses in Kentucky

Kentucky requires individuals to have a driver’s license or a moped license or permit. Moped licenses are issued by the circuit clerk’s office in the county of the person’s residence. Individuals must be at least 16 years of age to obtain a motorcycle permit and to ride a moped in Kentucky.

Any person applying for a first-time moped license that does not already have a motorcycle or traditional driver’s license will have to complete a driver’s license application. They will be required to complete a general knowledge and vision test, but not a skills test. Upon successful completion of the required tests, a moped license will be issued.

If a person already has another valid form of operator’s license, they do not have to apply for a moped license. This includes a Class D, M, or CDL.

Moped Requirements in Kentucky

In Kentucky, mopeds are considered motorized bikes with a frame that can include one or more crossbars that support the fuel tank and has petals OR a motorized bike that has a step-through frame that may or may not have pedals.

Further defining mopeds is an engine with a cylinder capacity that will not exceed 50 CCs and rated at no more than two brake horsepower. There must be an automatic transmission that does not require any use of a clutch or shifting by the operator after the draft system is enacted. A moped cannot be capable of more than 30 mph.

Any vehicle not meeting (exceeding) these requirements will likely fall under the definition of a motorcycle under Kentucky law.

A moped must have a tail light or red reflector visible up to 500 feet behind the vehicle, and it must have at least one but not more than two headlights. The moped must have a horn or bell that can be used by the operator, as well as turn signals.

Moped Insurance in Kentucky

Individuals will not need to purchase insurance if they wish to operate a moped in Kentucky. State law essentially sees mopeds as glorified bicycles and treats them as such. If an individual operates a motorcycle, they will have to purchase minimum amounts of insurance in order to remain legal on the roadway.

Are Helmets Required While Driving a Moped in Kentucky?

In the state of Kentucky, moped riders are not required to wear helmets. This differs a little bit from the motorcycle helmet law in this state that requires any person under the age of 21 to wear a helmet. However, safety experts strongly recommend that all moped riders wear a helmet to help protect against face, head, and brain injuries if an accident occurs.

Additionally, individuals do not have to wear eye protection while operating a moped in Kentucky. Still, it is imperative to be cautious while operating a moped to avoid personal injury.