Louisville’s Most Dangerous Intersections

As a portage stop in the early 1700s and a railroad hub in the 1800s, Louisville is a city built on transportation. With a total of six U.S. highways serving the city and commuters passing through from throughout the country, Louisville’s status as a transportation hub still stands strong. However, new accident data from the Louisville police department reveals that such a status comes with a cost. Visit our Louisville car accident attorney page to get in contact with our car accident claim experts.

Altogether, there were 5,101 motor vehicle accidents that occurred in Louisville in 2016. Overall, accidents were evenly dispersed by date and time with the largest number of collisions occurring in October (479 accident reports) and crashes frequently occurring at 5 pm (31 accidents). However, Louisville car accidents were not evenly dispersed by location. By far, the largest number of accidents took place on the city’s surrounding highways. It would appear the transportation structure that helps Louisville thrive is also responsible for the demise of many Louisvillians. Listed below are the most dangerous roads in Louisville.

Most Dangerous Roads In Louisville

1) I-264 1264 E & W | 138 Accidents

At 22.93 miles in length, Interstate 264 runs in a loop around the south side of Louisville. I-264 is often used as the primary detour route when I-64 is closed and typically sees a relatively high level of daily traffic. I-264 is the number one most dangerous road in Louisville with 138 accidents in 2016.

2) I-65 165 N & S | 130 Accidents

I-65 ranks as the second most dangerous road in Louisville. In total, 130 accidents occurred on the interstate in 2016.

3) I-64 164 E & W | 80 Accidents

I-64 runs through 191 miles of Kentucky; taking travelers east or west. I-64 connects to the most dangerous road in Louisville, I-264, but it also makes the list. Altogether, there were a total of 80 accidents along the interstate in 2016.

4) U.S. 31W Dixie Hwy. | 41 Accidents

The 31W Treasure Hunt may bring Kentuckians across the state out onto the highway the second week of September, but it doesn’t appear to be the cause of danger. 41 accidents occurred along the stretch of highway in 2016. The accidents were evenly dispersed throughout the year.

5) U.S. 31E Bardstown Rd. | 28 Accidents

Bardstown Road is a major artery in Louisville, carrying both U.S. Route 31E and U.S. Route 150. Last year the highway was the site of 28 auto accidents, making it the fifth most dangerous road in Louisville, KY.

6) KY 61 Preston Hwy. | 24 Accidents

Preston Highway, otherwise known as Preston Street, may not be the most dangerous road in Louisville, but it is certainly a road to remain vigilant on. Last year a total of 24 accidents occurred along the highway in Louisville.

Don’t Become Another Accident Statistic

A car accident of any kind can be incredibly emotionally and physically taxing. Between hospital bills, insurance claims, police reports, and repair fees, the last thing any of us want is to become an additional number in a series of accident statistics. In order to prevent a collision it’s in your best interest to remain vigilant at all times, especially while traveling on any of the highways listed above. Avoid distractions from mobile phones, food, and passengers in order to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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Resource: CrashInformationKY.org