Unique Aspects of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Kentucky

Motor vehicle accidents occur all across the country, however, there are certain aspects of road accidents that are specific to Kentucky and other states in its geographic proximity.

In the winter, ice on the road increases the danger on Kentucky roads.  Spin-outs and other unfortunate consequences of hitting a patch of ice are avoidable if precaution is taken.  In these situations, avoid breaking quickly.  In bad weather, it is important to drive slow and be more alert than normal.

The winter also brings on an increase in deer roaming the streets.  In Kentucky, deer are found most during the winter months including October, November, and December.  According to Kentucky state police, 47 percent of all car accidents involving deer occur in these three months.  Deer are most plentiful during these months because the deer are breeding.  Deer are more prevalent in wooded areas, but can be found anywhere in Kentucky, including the suburbs and industrial areas.

Deer accidents are also avoidable. Pay attention to deer crossing signs and drive slowly through these areas.  Deer do not usually travel alone,so if you spot one be prepared to stop for additional deer following.  If a deer jumps in front of your vehicle, do not attempt to swerve.  Swerving may startle a deer that otherwise would have jumped out of the way.  It may also cause more harm to the vehicle and passengers than it would have if you hit the deer.

When two vehicles collide, the laws vary from state to state on who has liability.  In some states, it is determined who was at fault.  However,Kentucky is a no-fault state.  No-fault laws were passed to avoid the costly court battles that take place to determine who is at fault and how much at fault. In a no-fault state, the driver’s auto insurance covers the driver’s medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair costs pursuant to the terms of the insurance policy.   The driver does not have to prove that the crash was caused by a different driver before getting the insurance money.

Motor vehicle accidents whether caused by ice, deer, or driver distractions- that occur on Kentucky roads can make cases very complex.  As a result, it is important to find an experienced motor vehicle attorney in Louisville skilled in handling these types of cases so they can assure you are compensated what you deserve.