Louisville vs. Lexington: Which Is Safer for Drivers, Bikers, Pedestrians?

Only about an hour apart, Louisville and Lexington share a community that includes many commuters and people who travel between them to take advantage of all that each city has to offer.

So how should your sense of safety change when traveling between the two? Which city is really safer?

There’s no easy answer to that question, but a hard look at the numbers helps. That’s why we’ve pulled out the latest statistics from each city in the comparison below. By understanding the relative risk factors, you can better guard yourself against the biggest threats to your safety in either place.

A Note on Population Size

At the outset, it is important to note that Louisville and Lexington are cities of different sizes. In terms of population, Louisville is home to about 600,000 people, while Lexington boasts a population of around 300,000. In making our comparisons, then, we’ll rely on population-adjusted rates in addition to the raw numbers.

Car Accidents in Louisville vs. Lexington

Earlier this summer, we reported that auto accidents in Louisville are on the rise. While that’s true, Lexington still has the higher crash rate, at least when the data is limited to major roads.

According to a report by the Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering, between 2008 and 2012 (using the latest year-to-year data available), the accident numbers on major roads were as follows:

Louisville — 26,863 accidents (or 397 crashes per 100 million vehicle-miles)

Lexington — 10,039 accidents (or 532 crashes per 100 million vehicle-miles)

When we open the data up to all roads, though, and look at them relative to population size, the numbers move into a tie:

Louisville — 121,494 accidents (or 41 crashes for every 1,000 people)

Lexington — 60,540 accidents (or 41 crashes for every 1,000 people)

So what’s the takeaway? Given that Louisville is the larger city, we’d expect a larger number of total accidents there. When adjusted for vehicle-miles and/or population size, though, Lexington ties or pulls ahead.

Clearly, auto accidents are a major problem in both cities, with Lexington arguably posing an even bigger concern for its relatively smaller population size. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in one of these incidents, the Louisville car accident lawyers at Meinhart & Manning, PLLC can help. Contact our office today or complete a form online to schedule a free consultation.

Bike Accidents in Louisville vs. Lexington

Bicycle accidents almost always cause serious injuries. Sadly, dozens and sometimes hundreds of bicyclists are injured or killed throughout Central Kentucky every year. As the number of cyclist and pedestrian deaths rises nationwide, it is paramount that we act now to curb this alarming trend.

Here’s how the data shapes up for Kentucky’s two largest cities:

Louisville — 601 bicycle accidents (or 2 crashes for every 10,000 people)

Lexington — 305 bicycle accidents (or 2.1 crashes for every 10,000 people)

Here again, it’s clear that bicycle accidents are an urgent problem in both cities, with Lexington seeing just slightly higher per-capita numbers. We should note, though, that more recent data suggests that the Louisville bicycle accidents situation is improving considerably. If you were in a bicycle accident, contact a Louisville bicycle accident attorney.

Pedestrian Accidents in Louisville vs. Lexington

The pedestrian accident numbers are clearer and easier to read, with Louisville easily outranking Lexington as one of the most dangerous places in Kentucky for pedestrians.

Louisville — 1,362 pedestrian accidents (or 4.6 accidents for every 10,000 people)

Lexington — 504 pedestrian accidents (or 3.4 crashes for every 10,000 people)

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Statewide crash data can be hard to read, even when you break it down city by city. While comparing Louisville and Lexington can be interesting, the most important thing is for residents in both cities to realize that their lives are potentially in danger when they use the roads.

Most auto accidents happen because of simple driver negligence. While our law firm can help victims fight for comprehensive financial compensation after an accident, there is no way to undo the terrible heartache and suffering a car or pedestrian accident can cause. It is our goal, then, to hold negligent drivers accountable and do our part to reduce the rate of auto accidents and serious injuries in our state.

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