DNA Evidence in a Personal Injury or Accident Claim

While some accident claims can have a clear guilty party, other cases may involve a more extensive look into evidence to find the whole truth. With the help of an experienced Louisville accident lawyer, DNA evidence can be used as a tool to finding the at-fault party or individual.

Sometimes DNA from a traffic violation or accident can lead the police to finding someone responsible for a crime or accident. According to The Herald-Dispatch, DNA from a traffic violation led police to arrest a person for murder in the 2002 slaying of a western Kentucky woman.  The victim of the crime had been driving home to Kentucky from Florida when her body was found in her car behind a Valdosta, GA motel.  The murder investigation stalled until 2008, when Georgia police say they matched DNA from the traffic violating defendant with DNA from the scene where the murder victim was found. Investigators told The Messenger of Madisonville they found criminal defendant when he was arrested on traffic charges in Florida, and his fingerprints matched those of the suspect.

DNA helps in identification of a responsible party for injuries or a criminal defendant.  A traffic violation is usually considered a crime.  In a traffic violation or accident, there maybe mistaken eye witness identification.  Sometimes the person who causes an accident may leave the scene, or the accident victim may be so hurt that the person is taken to the hospital before the person can take down the responsible party’s contact details.

Implementing touch DNA and employing the best forensic scientists in the world to investigate criminal conduct such as traffic violations may help to identify the correct perpetrator of a crime or car accident.  This will prevent the innocent from being wrongfully convicted or personal injury defendants from escaping liability for damages.

When there is a crime, every time an innocent person wrongfully gets locked up, the true perpetrator stays loose, free to commit more crimes.  In a personal injury claim, when a defendant does not fess up to damages, the injured plaintiff goes on in life unable to recover for bodily injuries or property damages.

Touch DNA, named for the fact that it analyzes skin cells left behind when assailants touch victims, weapons, or an object at a crime scene, doesn’t require examining anything that a criminal or civil defendant may claim invasion of privacy.  Touch DNA does not require examining blood or semen.

Touch DNA requires seven or eight cells from the outer most layer of skin.  If law enforcement is trained to collect touch DNA evidence from traffic accidents or violations, and a crime lab is trained to analyze touch DNA quickly and efficiently, fewer parties responsible for accident or traffic violations will get away from not compensating injured plaintiffs.

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