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While car accidents cause their fair share of pain, defective products also harm countless individuals every single day. Injuries from any type of product can serve as the basis for a product liability lawsuit. A product manufacturer can be held liable if its product is defective due to faulty design, flawed manufacturing or an improper (or total lack of) warning. Even the distributors and sellers of harmful products are susceptible to product liability in certain situations. A product liability lawsuit can be filed on behalf of one person or on behalf of a group of individuals as a class action lawsuit.

Types of Product Liability

Just about every product sold to consumers is eligible for a product liability lawsuit. Many of these lawsuits concern defective automobiles and the products within them, such as airbags that fail to inflate or that injure drivers. Yet there are all sorts of other dangerous products on the market. Some of the most common harmful products are those created with hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals. A myriad of consumer and industrial products contain these chemicals. One’s exposure to these items can cause an array of serious symptoms and maladies.

Defective children’s products are also quite commonplace in today’s market. Kids are especially vulnerable to improperly designed products. Children are harmed and killed each year as a result of poorly engineered products that are defective and/or created with dangerous chemicals or materials. Examples include defective child car seats, unsafe bedding, hazardous substances and toys that cause choking.

Other examples of harmful products that serve as the basis for product liability lawsuits include unsafe agricultural and industrial equipment that fails to operate as promised or contains improper labeling. If you have suffered a conveyor accident, crane collapse, a sweep auger injury or any other pain as a result of using an agricultural or industrial machine, contact us right away. Even pharmaceutical and medical devices can cause painful side effects that warrant a product liability lawsuit. Pharmacies, physicians and drug makers all have different levels of liability for the harm caused by the defective pharmaceuticals that they create, market and sell. All too often, these products are rushed onto store shelves much too early, without undergoing the proper testing. The companies, doctors and retailers of these dangerous medicines and medical devices should not escape without penalty. If you feel as though any medication or medical device has harmed you mentally or physically, you deserve fair compensation.

Common Injuries and Recalls

A remarkable number of products are recalled each year due to defective engineering, harmful side effects and other problems. These products include vehicles, vehicle technologies such as airbags, food and children’s toys. These defective products cause all sorts of injuries. Some even prove to be fatal. If you suffer even a minor injury as a result of using a poorly designed product or a product without the proper warning, you have the foundation for a product liability lawsuit. Common injuries include but are not limited to maiming, fractures, broken bones, choking and painful side effects from foods and/or medications. If you or your loved one has been harmed by a product in any way, we can help. Reach out to us for a consultation and a thorough analysis of your individual case.


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