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Horse, Pony or Donkey Caused Injuries?

It’s fun to go horseback riding, whether in a riding ring or on a challenging trail ride. But if an accident occurs and you are injured while riding, could someone else be liable?

Horses are unpredictable, even when well-trained, and riding them carries an inherent risk. Riders have responsibilities to their animals, and wearing all necessary safety equipment. However, the owner/operator of businesses such as ranches, stables, tour companies or riding schools must provide reasonable care to prevent accidents.

Other seemingly safe activities can carry risk too. A pony ride at a child’s birthday party can be risky because of the instability of animals in crowded and noisy locations. A family visit to a nearby farm or petting zoo can turn into a nightmare if someone is injured.

Types of Horseback Injuries

Both children and adults can suffer many different injuries from horses, ponies and donkeys, including:

  • Bucking
  • Bites
  • Sprains and broken bones from being stepped on or trampled
  • Concussions and broken bones from falls or being kicked
  • Kicking
  • Injuries can range from short-term to partial or total permanent disabilities

Importantly, all of these can occur not only to participants but also to innocent bystanders. Again, the unpredictable behavior of the animals, no matter how well-trained, increases the risk of a horseback injury to anyone nearby.

Who is Liable?

Here are some of the ways that the owner/operator may be liable:

  • Faulty equipment, such as the saddle and bridle
  • Improper safety equipment such as a riding helmet
  • Uncontrollable animals
  • Inadequate training for guides or instructors
  • Failing to warn you of unsafe conditions

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured by an animal, it’s important to consult with an attorney skilled in these types of personal injury cases. Our Louisville personal injury attorneys will meet with you to learn about the circumstances around your injury. We will present you with the best options for your case, and then guide you through the entire legal process.

A successful settlement from a personal injury lawsuit can help you meet unexpected expenses:

  • medical bills, both current and future
  • Wages due to lost work time
  • Counseling costs
  • Other expenses from unanticipated life changes due to a disabling injury

Our firm aims to maximize your award and discipline those who are negligent

In any activity with humans together with animals, the top priorities are for the safety and enjoyment of the participants, and the health and safety of the animals. However, even if the rider and the owner/operator act responsibly, accidents still can occur. Reach out for a qualified injury attorney experienced in horseback riding, pony and donkey accident cases if you’ve been injured by one of these animals call our Kentucky law firm at (502) 589-2700 or complete our contact form.