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If you or a loved one has experienced an animal or dog bite in Kentucky, there may be the need of the help of a dog bite lawyer. We have handled several animal bite and attack claims throughout Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky. It can be a scary and difficult time for both parties and a good dog bite attorney can get the victim the justice they deserve for their hardship.

If you or a loved one has suffered an dog or animal attack in Louisville, or in the surrounding area, contact the law office of Meinhart, Smith & Manning, PLLC to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Louisville dog bite attorneys.

Animal Attacks in Kentucky

Dog bites and animal attacks occur more frequently than one may think, especially in Louisville. In 2017, Louisville ranked fifth nationally in dog attacks against postal workers. Dogs with vicious propensities are all around us, and if they get out of their yard, or are not properly leashed, they can cause serious animal attack injuries.

What Do i do after a Dog attack in Louisville, Kentucky?

What To Do If Bitten in Louisville, KY

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation to be attacked and/or bitten by a dog, you understand how stressful the experience can be. Things like transmission of diseases and treating open lacerations are just a few things to worry about.

If you ever are attacked by an animal, follow these steps right away:

  • Press on the wound gently to cause come bleeding to help flush out as much bacteria as possible.
  • Wash the wound with moderate soap and water.
  • Attempt to slow down the bleeding with a clean cloth
  • Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic cream if you have it.
  • Wrap the injury in a sterile bandage and seek medical attention immediately.

When a dog bite does occurs, the victims can have many questions regarding their injury claim: Who will pay my medical bills? Who will pay my lost wages? What kind of compensation am I entitled to? We will help you answer those questions.

Not all dog bite or animal attack injury attorneys are the same. Some dog attack lawyers are not even licensed to practice in Kentucky. The Louisville dog bite lawyers at Meinhart, Smith & Manning, PLLC are proud to call themselves Kentuckians and handle claims all over the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Dog Bite Laws

Kentucky is a state with strict liability laws regarding animal attacks to humans. Kentucky law section 258.235 states that a dog owner is completely liable for any damage that his or her dog, or pet, causes to any “person, livestock, or other property.” A dog bite victim in Louisville can recover compensation for medical expenses, wages lost, or emotional damage caused by an attack from an animal. The law of this state is favorable for anyone who has been injured in any way by a dog or other type of pet.

Pets that have been deemed as “vicious” by a court can, and will likely, be seized by local law enforcement and could even be put down if they have a history of aggressive behavior.

Louisville, KY Dog Bite Lawyers

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