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Construction sites are by their nature hazardous locations. This is one reason why you often see danger signs posted and you typically see workers wearing hard-hats and other safety gear. Construction sites are hazardous to employees and to those who are simply walking past a site as well. Here are how some of these injuries occur:

Common Construction Accidents

OSHA has very strict construction site safety requirements but some accidents occur at construction sites regularly. Injuries can range from relatively minor injuries to serious injuries and even death. Some types of employee accidents include:

  • Scaffolding accidents – a poorly constructed scaffolding could collapse while worker is trying to work from it. The results can be serious back injuries, traumatic head injuries or even death
  • Malfunctioning tools – sometimes tools have manufacturing defects or are being operated by an unskilled operator. The results can be bruising, puncture wounds or in serious cases, death
  • Slip and fall – construction sites are a maze of tools, supplies and people. Hazards must be properly flagged to allow workers to avoid accidents whenever possible. In addition, it is possible that oil, paint or other wet substances can be spilled and not cleaned up immediately which can cause serious injuries

Injuries to Pedestrians

You may think that only those working at a construction site are at risk for injury. However, this is seldom the case as most construction sites are in locations where a pedestrian or a car operator may have to pass. While construction sites are typically posted as “pass at your own risk” this is not enough to excuse any accidents that occur. Pedestrian and auto drivers may be at risk from:

  • Falling debris – most construction sites offer some passage to pedestrians via a walkway. These walkways are not free from hazards in spite of being surrounded by some form of barrier. These areas may still be dangerous since debris falling from upper levels of the construction site and injure pedestrians or fall on a passing vehicle causing an accident
  • Barrier hazards – barriers to prevent pedestrians from passing an area may mean a pedestrian needs to walk in the street which could result in being struck by a car. In roadways, a poorly placed barrier can cause serious car accidents

Construction site accidents in Kentucky tend to increase any time there is a construction boom. If you were injured either as a worker or someone trying to pass a construction site on foot or in a vehicle, you should contact Meinhart Smith & Manning PLLC for a free consultation to evaluate your specific case.


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