UPS Accidents in Louisville

Moving mail and packages from point A to point B is a fairly simple process, but what happens when the focus of a company becomes moving a package from point A to point B within a specific amount of time? The answer to that question is that the concern for safe driving practices diminishes as time becomes more critical. In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration listed a 20% increase in fatalities involving large commercial trucks and a 15%increase in injuries involving large commercial trucks on our national highways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also provides data on fatalities per 100,000 people and Kentucky has 16.50 fatalities per 100,000 whereas the national rate of fatalities per 100,000 people is only 10.39.

In Louisville, Kentucky, the World Port is a product of efficiency and with efficiency comes the constraint of time. UPS processes 130 airplanes each day through the World Port, which then sorts 416,000 packages per hour. Those packages are shipped out by semi-trucks all headed to a specific processing center under the constraint of time. Not all semi-truck accidents that occur in Kentucky involve UPS trucks. Data is not available to show that percentage; however, semi-truck accidents and fatalities are increasing in Kentucky. If you were involved in a semi-truck accident, contact a Louisville truck accident lawyer.

What has Brown Done To You?

The World Port under its last expansion grew in size to about 90 football fields. The increased traffic on local and state highways has increased. Injuries that occur in traffic accidents that involve UPS semi-trucks are often serious if not fatal. The standard passenger car weighs about 2500 pounds, which is 2.5 tons. A loaded semi-truck can weigh as much as 40 tons.

It does not take much of an imagination to see visualize what happens when a 40 ton truck collides with a 2.5 ton car. Even still, there are several types of accidents that occur with semi-trucks. We have all heard of jackknife truck accidents, but maybe, not about the carriage under-ride accidents, or even a roll over accident.

UPS Semi-Truck Accidents:

Jackknife accidents occur because of how semi-trucks are connected to their trailer. The cab basically stops under extreme breaking, but the trailer continues its forward momentum and swings out causing the trailer and sometimes the cab to be flipped on its side. At this point, that is a jackknife accident. If the jackknife accident occurs while the cab is still moving, the accident can change into a rollover accident where the cab and the trailer continue to turn over until the energy from the crash is insufficient to continue the rolling process.

Carriage under-rides accidents occur when a vehicle comes into contact with the semi-trucks trailer and becomes trapped. The vehicle can be drug along with the trail or ejected. This type of accident can lead to jackknifing and roll-over accidents too.

Regardless of the accidents, injuries and fatalities are usually significant, if not catastrophic. In addition to just the increased risk of semi-truck accidents because of time constrains, there are other causes of accidents that can all lead to injury. Simple equipment malfunctions such as brake failure or tire blow outs can cause a semi-truck to lose control. Drivers who are tired, drunk, or on drugs can, and do lead to semi truck accidents. Blind spots or no-zone, which prevents a semi-truck driver from seeing other vehicles around their truck, can also lead to accidents such as Carriage Underside accidents. There are also instances when the planned route is not appropriate for semi-trucks etc. can all lead to accidents.

Any of these situations can have a significant impact on people who are involved in accidents with UPS trucks. The complex laws that dictate how people are compensated for injuries, or how a surviving family is compensated for the loss of a family member should be handled by a Louisville personal injury attorney.