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Kentucky Car Accident Stats 2016

Many people die in car accidents every year, and there are many factors that play into car accident fatalities. With many drivers on the road who are distracted, drivers that operate vehicles under the influence of alcohol, and the various weather conditions drivers face, car accidents throughout the United States continue to remain steady. If you’ve been injured in a Kentucky car accident, contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Texting is a serious problem, causing distracted driving throughout the US. Many states have enacted laws to stop under age drivers from texting or using their cell phones while driving a car. There are tougher laws in place for young drivers under the age of eighteen than more experienced drivers.

The state of Kentucky has banned cell phones, both hand held and hands-free, for all bus drivers. Further, there is a ban on cell phone use for all novice drivers, which are drivers under the age of 18. There is also a ban on texting while driving for drivers of all ages. These new laws are an attempt to help control the growing use of cellphones while driving, the number one reason drivers are driving distracted.

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Kentucky Accident Statistics 2016

  • According to the Kentucky State Police report of traffic collision deaths in 2016, 848 people were killed while driving in a car.
  • 354 people died in Kentucky in a collision with a moving vehicle, making up for 42% of the total fatalities.
  • There were 88 fatalities with drivers or passengers in collision with a fixed object. This makes up for 35% of total fatalities in 2016.
  • 114 motorcyclists were involved in fatal accidents in Kentucky in 2016, representing 9% of vehicles in fatal collisions that year.
  • 88 pedestrians were killed in crashes involving motor vehicles, which added up 11% of the total people killed in car accidents.
  • A total of 8 bicyclists were killed in Kentucky after being struck with a motor vehicle.

Crash Statistics for 2016 Involving One, Two or Multiple Vehicles

  • 418 passengers and drivers were killed in 2016, in accidents involving one motor vehicle.
  • Two motor vehicle or more crashes resulted in the deaths of 350 people.
  • A total of 834 people died as the result of a car accident in Kentucky in 2016.

US Car Accidents Statistics 2016

  • Alcohol played a significant factor in the deaths of 4,243 collisions in 2016.
  • More than 13,610 people were hurt in car accidents related to hit-and-run collisions.
  • Running red lights resulted in 1200 deaths in 2016.
  • 830 of collisions that happened in 2016 were a result of fatigue.
  • Estimates show that roughly 26% of fatalities on the road are because the driver was exhausted.
  • Distracted driving was responsible for 54,840 collisions and 155 fatalities in 2016.
  • Cell phone use and texting is responsible for causing about 10% of the fatalities in the United States.
  • 6% of the accidents because of cell phone use were caused by drivers sixteen to twenty four years old.
  • The smallest number of fatalities caused by any age group using cell phones was the over 70 drivers.
  • Drivers in the age range of twenty to twenty-four make up 11% of the drivers involved in fatal collisions.
  • The rise in cell phone use among all ages has resulted in a direct increase in accidents caused by distracted drivers.
  • 45% of drivers who were online at the time of their accident, were accessing social media websites.